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Barangay IT
The Barangay ITPS is a reliable, integrated and automated system specially developed for the barangays in the Philippines. It provides a more organized approach to processing, storing, and managing data that are relevant and needed by the barangays. Barangay IT is designed to handle a wide-range of information relating to barangay profile, citizens profile, barangay IDs/clearances/certifications, blotter cases, local businesses, and barangay legislation. The system is equipped with features and functionalities that will provide complete and accurate information for a more effective management of barangay transactions.
A social messaging app where users can post about their emotions and hardships without fear of judgment and ridicule from others.
Time Metrics
Time Metrics is an Online Enrolment that helps the university and students to have a fast and precise online enrolment transaction. This system used OS Algorithm such as the First-Come First-Served, Shortest Job First and Priority Scheduling to determine the average waiting time, process time and the turnaround time
EyeUlat/Click IT
It is an application that will secure the reports of issues or dilemma inside the campus and to inform the school officials by capturing and sending it using a mobile application. This system will help the school in solving the bad situation or the concerns immediately and it also gives points to the users who reported the incidents that will be converted as a reward.
A system that help the inventory staff and mechanics in managing spare parts stocks, requisition, acquisition, issuance, and disposal.
Patient Treatment

Patient Treatment is an application that guarantee the nurse administers the right medication to the patient at the right time.

Playlist scheduler

Is a software that redefines the way we organize our playlist. It can change the type of music and video that is playing depending on your choice and at your given hour, minute and even second in a specific day.


Regasco POS

REGASCO Point of Sales (POS) and Inventory System (IS) includes web-based system and android-based application.

Regasco Locator App

This locator application can be used by any companies who have a lot of branches for people to visit. It features a list of branches that when clicked will display the exact location of that branch on the map. It has been considered by REGASCO LPG for their future use.

Wired On Wednesday

WIRED ON WEDNESDAY is the freshest program of iDMZ being aired worldwide every Wednesday, from 11AM to 1PM as the newest lady jock of iDMZ, DJ Jea provides our listeners the best of Christian, Western, Ballad, Pop and K-Pop tunes (Korean Popular music), be it RnB, pop, danze or rock, to cater to our hip fans here and abroad.

Succession Planning

SUCCESSION PLANNING is an automated system that helps the company evaluate its employee promotion through their potential and performance from the company’s goals annually.

Document Tracking System Used by The whole PUP System
Student information system of the Polytechnic University Of The Philippines Graduate School and Open University
Document Tracking System Used by Polytechnic University Of The Philippines Quezon Coty Branch
Collection Report Generator System Used by Polytechnic University Of The Philippines Quezon Coty Branch
Free HE Billing Details System Used by Polytechnic University Of The Philippines Quezon Coty Branch

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